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A much appreciated donation to Muffins & Mufflers 2023 will not only help fund this awesome community event, but help fund the connection of families who have children with learning challenges with the services and support they need to be successful academically, socially, and spiritually through

The Turtle Wing Foundation!


The Sponsorship levels listed below match the benefit package that your company or organization will receive by being a part of Muffins & Mufflers 2023. Sweeten up your sponsorship by becoming a Blueberry Muffin Sponsor where you will have all the VIP room perks available below!



Join us at Loula's Loft located above Darlin's Diner - A private party room overlooking Muffins & Mufflers 2023 right here on Main Street! Free beer & snacks will be provided, as well as, a meet & greet with our entertainers! Enjoy your day with family, friends, A/C, snacks, beer & a classic view!


Wrist Band Access Needed


Contact Taylor Swenning at (830) 237-2446 or

Contact Us By Email at To Join!

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